As one of the earliest forms of mass transit in the world, it comes as little shock that millions of individuals and organizations find trains absolutely fascinating. Model builders and other hobbyists enjoy reading about the rich history of railways, their ever-shifting technologies, political implications and much more. Listed in no particular order, these blogs help railroad enthusiasts indulge their passion for all facets of the hobby – even share their observations and experiences with others! Give them a read for more information about these magnificent machines.

1.) RailsNW

Beyond the highly informative blog, fans of all things train have a photo album where they can browse the latest images of their favorite vehicles.

2.) Zug & Eisenbahn Blog

With a little bit of help from Google Translate, anyone wanting to learn more about trains in Europe should head over to this informative German blog.

3.) Railways of the world

Photography, videos and other media involving railroads comprise the entirety of this blog, which sends readers all over the world to explore the ins and outs of their favorite hobby.

4.) VTA Watch

Public transportation beyond trains get covered here as well, allowing rail enthusiasts to see how their beloved method of transportation compares and contrasts with others.

5.) Amtrack Tracking for My Commute Between New York City and Philadelphia

Though limited in scope, the painstakingly detailed Amtrack Tracking blog still has plenty to offer the impassioned train fan.

6.) dogcaught

dogcaught boasts some of the loveliest, most dramatic photographs of trains and railroads – even non-hobbyists can still appreciate this blog.

7.) Interacting with Miniature Railroading

One does not necessarily have to assemble model trains as a hobby to appreciate all the neat valuable lessons on history and technology.

8.) Tom Nanos’ Railroad Photography Blog

Another fantastic resource for train and photography enthusiasts alike looking for more than a few good pictures.

9.) The Railroad Blog

American railroads boast a rich and controversial history – hence why so many people find them absolutely fascinating – and Gene Bowker chronicles it alongside his travels on his very cool blog.

10.) California High Speed Rail Blog

The frequently-updated CHSRB focuses on exactly what the title claims. All the technologies, policies and changes to the way high speed rails operate in California.

11.) Mike’s Railroad Blog

Model train builders and railroad enthusiasts both can appreciate Mike Jobe’s inquiries into the many subjects that comprise their hobby.

12.) Trains For America

Get politically involved by following the politics that impact adding safer, more efficient trains to the American infrastructure.

13.) Model Railroad Trains

Marvel at all the latest and greatest news and projects from within the model railroading community, which obviously pulls its inspiration from far larger sources.

14.) News From The Naugy

Everyone who derives enjoyment from any facet of trains must absolutely bookmark the official blog of the Railroad Museum of New England.

15.) Railroad Photography by Chase Gunnoe

Although Chase Gunnoe’s blog is relatively new to the scene, his cadre of fantastic photographs definitely deserve attention.

16.) FL9

One of the more popular, currently active blogs for train enthusiasts, FL9 covers a nice, wide spectrum of railroad topics.

17.) The Source

Metro constructs rail lines and other modes of public transportation, and their blog keeps fans of trains, buses and more updated on their happenings.

18.) Blogs at

Over 245 blogs devote themselves to discussing the ins and outs of model trains, travels and other topics – though mostly the former.

19.) Market Street Railway

This San Francisco railroad played a huge role in the city’s history, and its citizens work tirelessly to keep it preserved for future generations to learn from and enjoy.

20.) The Transport Politic

Local and national governing bodies dictate the status of rail lines and other modes of public transportation, and this blog keeps track of all the latest developments.

21.) Midwest High Speed Rail

Learn about the news, policies and trends that are currently shaping the high speed rail lines in the Midwestern region of the United States.

22.) The High Line

The City of New York discovered a very creative way to re-appropriate an old elevated rail line, which pleased many Manhattan residents.

23.) Rail Life

Read Rail Life to stay informed on how the trains in Phoenix have helped the surrounding communities grow and stay connected.

24.) Tampa Rail

Another blog dedicated to the social and political ramifications of public transportation, this time emphasizing Tampa.

25.) Model Trains and Model Railroad Help

As the title promises, model train enthusiasts have an excellent resource for questions both big and small.

26.) Railway Eye

From the United Kingdom comes Railway Eye, an amazingly thorough and educational resource on how their trains currently operate.

27.) Mid-Continent Railway Museum Blog

The staff at the MCRM share their knowledge of trains and railroads with a community eager to hear what they have to say.

28.) Blogs at

A community of train enthusiasts gather online to discuss their passion through blogs, forums and other networking opportunities.

29.) JMTN Blog

Model train hobbyists interested in working on Japanese models may find this blog of great use.

30.) Illinois Railway Museum Blog

Illinois Railway Museum also keeps a blog of its own, with plenty of technical and historical information for curious visitors to absorb.

31.) The Model Railways of Chris Nevard

Chris Nevard’s amazing photography perfectly highlights all the love and care that goes into his model trains and railways.

32.) ITF Railway News Blog

Follow the International Transport Federation’s blog emphasizing worldwide railroad news for all the newest developments in this area of public transportation.

33.) Rail Express

Rail Express magazine offers everything the model and full-sized train enthusiast needs to learn more about their hobby.

34.) The Overhead Wire

Public transportation is the name of the game at The Overhead Wire, which mainly looks at the social, political and economic ramifications of electric and high-speed trains.

35.) NARP Blog

Americans want a viable train system, banding together to create the National Association of Railroad Passengers to get their points across.

36.) Railway Labor Act Blog

It may not update as often as others listed here, but the Railway Labor Act Blog is worthwhile reading for train enthusiasts who love politics.

37.) Seahawk’s Railway Modeling

Nigel Burkin opens up his workbench to an international audience, keeping them updated about his latest forays into railroad models.

38.) Infrastructurist

Trains, power grids and other essentials make up Infrastructurist, which allows readers to analyze intersections between the different technologies that keep society moving forward.

39.) petes blog

Photographs of both real and model trains get featured here at petes blog, but much of it deals with project progression.

40.) National Railway Museum Blog

As the largest railroad museum in the world, the NRM has plenty of excellent research available to share with its readership.

41.) HSR Updates

Fans of high-speed rails hoping to follow the latest news on their developments across the United States need to subscribe to this RSS feed.

42.) Caltrain HSR Compatibility Blog

This blog obviously centers around high-speed rail issues in California, but the challenge it faces in integrating them with pre-existing trains is common to many areas.

43.) Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine

Several train model enthusiasts gather here to share both their projects and their thoughts on a highly creative and technical pursuit.

44.) Eurail Blog

American Benjamin Thomas kept a public log of his travels through Europe on the Eurail system. Though updates stopped in February 2010, those who enjoy exploring and trains can still get a lot out of his writings.

45.) The New Somerset and Dorset Railway Blog

Somerset and Dorset residents and politicians pool their resources in an attempt to get their old, abandoned railroad up and running again.

46.) The Elmwood & Marigny River

Keep up with the progress of one incredibly ambitious N-Scale Union Pacific project currently underway in New Orleans.

47.) The Telltale Rail

Rail Europe’s official blog caters to audiences who love both trains and travel with equal enthusiasm.

48.) Tweetsie Railroad Blog

A Wild West theme park has sprung up alongside North Carolina’s Tweetsie Railroad, and the owners and staff members do their best to promote its history with fun events – including some specifically targeting train enthusiasts.

49.) Railway Misadventures

Train travel, history and model building collide in one simultaneously endearing and informative resource.

50.) Blog

Readers hoping to research the history of the American railway system will love this one-stop shop for all their locomotive needs.

Trains have captured humanity’s fascination for centuries, with everything from old steam locomotives to today’s high speed rails boasting their own fair share of fans. Thanks to the internet, railroad enthusiasts can network with one another and exchange tales of travel, history, policies, engineering and model building. All of these blogs have a plethora of amazing things to share with the community and deserve consideration by anyone who finds trains absolutely incredible.