Whether you call them “classic” or “antique,” cars that are over 20 years old tend to have a special place in the hearts of people all over the world. People identify with these classic cars, and for whatever reason, they become passionate about certain makes, models, and styles. The emphasis in this list of classic car blogs is on excellent classic car blogs that either provide excellent general information, or provide detailed information on one or two models. It took a lot of searching, but we came up with 100 top classic car blogs, and here they are:

Individual Models

Here are blogs devoted to one particular make and model, or even to one model year.

    1. 1973 Torino by Ford This blog is a destination for people who love the 1973 Ford Torino and other classic cars of the era.

    2. 1960 Impala This is an excellent look at a complete restoration of a 1960 Chevrolet Impala.

    3. 69 Camaro Blog This blog’s author gives his opinions and tips on restoring the 1969 Camaro, in his opinion, one of the best cars ever.

    4. 1978 MGB See a step-by-step restoration of a 1978 MGB.

    5. Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords It’s all souped-up Mustangs and other fast Fords on this blog. Read about your favorite classic Thunderbird models here.

    6. International Edsel Club Devoted to the Ford Edsel, a short-lived but unforgettable car produced from 1958-1960, this blog features pictures and event information.

    7. International Thunderbird Club Get all the latest news and events from this club dedicated to preserving classic Thunderbirds.

    8. Classic Car News Interesting post about the rebirth of the DeLorean.

    9. Triumph Classic Cars I bought an old Triumph Spitfire once, hoping my dad could restore it for me. If we had had Internet access, he might have had a fighting chance after discovering this website.

    10. Lotus Classic Cars This blog is devoted to recounting the history of the Lotus brand and providing pictures of many different models.

    11. 1985Corvette.com Find articles and tips for restoring your vintage Chevy Corvette at this website.

    12. MiniMania Do you love the Mini? You’ll love the many articles on this site.

    13. Ford Model T Blog This granddaddy of classic cars deserves its very own blog, and it has one here.

    14. Aston Martin Rust Oration Follow the adventures of a British man who restores a vintage Aston Martin V8 in his spare time.

    15. Porthole Authority Find all the information you need on classic Ford Thunderbirds, the Chrysler TC, and the “new” Thunderbird from 2002-05.

    16. Red Letter Dodge The official Dodge blog combines news about the latest models with articles about Dodge classic cars.

    17. The Classic Cougar Network This website provides detailed information on classic Mercury Cougars.

    18. Caddyinfo The Caddyinfo blog covers current Cadillac news as well as discusses all Cadillac models from the past.

    19. Eurotuner People who love European cars, especially classic Peugeots, will love this blog.

    20. LTDworld.com The Ford LTD inspired this blog, complete with photo albums, vintage ads, forums, and articles.

General Classic Car Information

You’ll find news, reviews, and photos on these classic car blogs.

    21. All Most All Most tackles the topic of the most expensive classic cars in the world.

    22. Automotive News This auto industry news site has several good articles about classic cars.

    23. AutoTimeMachine Read detailed entries about “forgotten” or unusual classic cars and see photos as well.

    24. CarDomain Blog The editors of CarDomain Blog discuss both contemporary and classic cars on the pages of their blog.

    25. Hemmings Blog Hemmings claims to be the “world’s largest” marketplace for collector cars online. Their blog highlights “finds of the day.”

    26. JamesSpotting Exotic cars, yachts, and watches are the order of the day at JamesSpotting.

    27. Houston Chronicle Cars and Trucks Blog Tim Spell, Houston Chronicle auto columnist, loves classic cars and writes about them on his blog.

    28. Muscle Car Blog on Edmunds Karl Brauer blogs about classic muscle cars for Edmunds.com, one of the most well-respected car websites online.

    29. HotRides This blog is comprised of the best car blog entries from around the Web.

    30. Car News Articles British auto enthusiasts’ website has many good articles about classic cars.

    31. Classic American Car History Learn about the history of classic American cars and where you can find classic car parts.

    32. cLassic Car Written in both French and English, this classic car website has many reader-submitted car photos and articles.

    33. Classic Cars Global There is some serious car eye candy on this blog. Read detailed descriptions and see photos of beautiful classic cars for sale.

    34. Cruiseinpix Cruiseinpix is a Ning network where “gearheads meet.” Lots of user photos adorn the blog.

    35. DFW Drive Your Dream Blog DFW Drive Your Dream is a company that arranges “dream car tours.” Drive your dream car on a special tour route in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

    36. Jalopnik Jalopnik is a car-obsessed blog. Really obsessed with cars. Searching “classic” brings up all manner of cool retro car ads and reviews of modern recreations.

    37. Matt’s Of New York On this blog, get information about upcoming classic car auctions in California, New York, and Florida.

    38. Sixties Britain Devoted to the cars, lifestyle, and music of 1960s Britain, this blog has some great photos of rides like the Rover P6 and the Triumph Spitfire.

    39. Sports, Custom, and Classic Cars Suite101.com is full of amazing resources when it comes to finding, restoring, and maintaining classic cars.

    40. Super Car Registry Blog On this blog, you’ll find reviews of the latest super-cars as well as articles about little-known classics.

    41. The Garage Get daily car news, auto racing info, and information for classic car enthusiasts here.

    42. Best Car Videos Find some excellent video blogs of people driving classic cars. See your favorites in action!

    43. Vintage Motorsport Vintage Motorsport is dedicated to keeping the history of auto racing alive for the next generations.

    44. Antique Cars Club AntiqueCarsClub.com writes about classic car types and “lost” classic cars as well as the major makes and models.

    45. Autoblog: Timewarp One of the Web’s best known car blogs devotes this page to everything related to classic cars.

    46. Auto Evolution A blog that helps you keep up with everything going on in the auto world, including classic car events.

    47. Blue Oval News Get the latest news and commentary on everything from the Ford Motor Company.

    48. Bullz-Eye Classic Cars Blog Get the latest in auto news and opinions such as “what’s the worst car ever?” from the Bullz-Eye Classic Car Blog.

    49. Automotive Gossip This auto blog from the UK covers the current news in the auto world and notes on classic cars.

    50. CarDealExpert.com CarDealExpert provides some good tips on determining the value of your classic car.

    51. Car Lust Car Lust is an Amazon blog that covers cars that are, quite simply, great. Not necessarily trendy, but great.

    52. Classical Drives Very well-educated blog about everything related to classic cars.

    53. Classic and Sports Car Classic and Sports Car is the blog of a leading British car magazine by the same name.

    54. Classic Car Adventures Beautiful and well-written Canadian classic car blog featuring the “Spring Thaw,” a yearly event featuring the roads of British Columbia.

    55. Classic Nation Blog See almost 10,000 pictures of great classic cars at ClassicNation.com.

    56. Classic Rallies This website combines news about classic car racing and shows with links to great classic car resources from around the web.

    57. New York Times Collectible Cars Page Read insightful articles from Times staffers and see great photos of classic and collectible cars.

    58. Spike TV Cars Spike TV cares about cars, and has come up with a list of the top10 classic cars that need to be brought back to life.

    59. Thai Car Blog Although directed to the Thai audience, this blog is written mostly in English. Get advice on choosing the right classic car and selecting a good lender.

    60. Timeless Rides At Timeless Rides, view free classified ads and read helpful articles about classic cars.

    61. It’s Car Stuff It’s Car Stuff is full of useful articles related to cars in general, as well as classic cars.

    62. JustLuxe JustLuxe is the wealthy person’s guide to culture, cars, and other expensive things like watches.

    63. Leftlane News Leftlane News is a car news and review website that occasionally has classic car articles.

    64. Luxist The Luxist does not pretend to care about the state of the economy, fuel prices, or unemployment. It’s all about stuff rich people like, such as classic cars.

    65. MyRideIsMe Users submit content about their custom, vintage, and classic cars on this fun blog.

    66. Old Car Online Blog Steve White has been blogging about classic cars on this blog since 2009.

    67. Piston Heads Piston Heads is a European car blog that discusses classic sports cars and new cars.

    68. Jay Leno’s Car Garage Jay Leno of TV fame writes for Popular Mechanics, and discusses some of his vintage car collection.

Practical Information About Classic Cars

Learn more about getting insurance for these unusual vehicles and other tips.

    69. Free Car and Truck Information Learn how you can turn the time and investment you’ve spent on your classic car into publicity and even cash.

    70. Buy Classic Cars Get good information about the best way to buy a classic car on this blog.

    71. Cheap Old Cars For Sale While the title of this blog might make you think that it is all about cheap old cars for sale, you would be at least partly wrong. Learn about maintaining your classic car as well as choosing the right make and model to restore.

    72. Auto Appraise Interesting car blog from the auto appraiser’s perspective.

    73. Visionale Learn everything you need to know about inspecting classic cars before purchase.

    74. Classic Car Insurance Online If you’re worried about insuring your classic car, this blog has you covered with free online quotes.

Restoring Classic Cars

When you decide to restore a classic car to its former glory, you may not have the first idea where to start. That’s where these blogs come in.

    75. Auto Restoration 101 Definitely one of the top authorities when it comes to restoring classic cars.

    76. Auto Revival This blog is a vast repository of knowledge related to restoring classic cars.

    77. Auto Specialties Mechanic Mark Bentow specializes in restoring British classic cars.

    78. He Works On Cars A good source for old car manuals.

    79. Hot Rod Harry Hot Rod Harry is obsessed with American muscle cars.

    80. Classic Cars Restoration Ramzi Saba has a passion for classic cars, no matter what model. He provides a unique perspective as a citizen of Beirut.

    81. Spark Plug Wires With enthusiasts for almost everything, it shouldn’t be a surprise that someone loves spark plugs enough to have a whole blog about them. This helpful site discusses ways you can restore and maintain your classic car.

    82. 4-Link Suspension This blog gives you the scoop on car suspension systems and parts. Classic car information is included.

    83. Frank’s Classic Car Blog At The Amberlight Garage “Frank the Crank” blogs about car repair and other classic car issues. There are many step-by-step photos included.

    84. Automotive Artistry An interesting blog by Automotive Artistry, a mechanic shop in Lacey, WA.

    85. Autos Craze Get some excellent tips for your classic car restoration on this blog.

    86. Ted’s Garage Blog Ted is a mechanic who has some great tips for his readers about how to take care of a classic car engine.

    87. Coachbuild Coachbuilding refers to creating a custom-built chassis for a completely classic and unique look.

    88. DragTimes.com For those who wish to make their classic cars go as fast as humanly possible, there is DragTimes.com, where you can brag about it.

    89. Grease Girl Grease Girl blogs about her 1951 Studebaker as well as lots of other classic cars.

    90. The Guild of Automotive Restorers This is a professional organization that focuses on the quality restoration of cars.

    91. SMD-Strike Lightnin’ Bikes This is a beginner’s guide to auto restoration.

    92. Mr. Mark Aquino, Classic Car Whisperer Excellent video blog also has podcasts giving the home mechanic tips on restoring classic cars.

    93. Automotive Care Learn how to care for your classic car on this blog.

    94. Old Car Blog Rusty Petrovic writes detailed articles about restoration of classic and antique vehicles on his blog.

    95. Second Chance Garage This blog is an excellent resource for learning how to restore classic cars.

The Car As Cultural Icon

These classic car blogs celebrate the beauty of classic cars, whether in ads, photographs, or even after recycling into art pieces.

    96. Collector Car Ads Blog An excellent blog with classic car culture, photos, and vintage press releases about cars.

    97. ChromeFin Rob Johnson celebrates the car as art in his blog ChromeFin.

    98. eautomobilia.com A great place to find auto collectible news and to shop for car models, car books, and other cool stuff.

    99. Just For The Art of It Cool art pieces made from recycled car parts make this a fun blog for the classic car lover.